A&C are Alastair and Claire: game creating duo. Welcome to our website of games!

Alastair is a coding genius and Claire creates pretty things, and now we have teamed up to create our first game using PhaserJS and html5. Based in Edinburgh, we spend much of our free time talking and planning our first full sized game and accompanying demo version. Join us in our game making journey by reading our blog, keeping an eye open for rare tweets or checking out our instagram page. You can also find influences for our game on our Pinterest board.

#1GAM and Phaser

To get Claire up to speed on coding games for the internet, she has been participating in the #1GAM challenge (a game a month for a year). Each game targets a different aspect of writing a game using JavaScript (or at the beginning Flash) that may become useful when we start to put code to text editor.

Since the start of 2015, the games have been developed with both desktops and mobiles in mind. While pre-2015 games may not work too well (if at all) on mobile platforms, we are planning to go back and improve playability on mobile (and desktops too!)

Please stay, have a look around and feel free to contact us via twitter, instagram or a comment on the blog.